Cheaper, efficient, plastic-free cleaning products

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Your cleaning product in tablets 

A conventional cleaning product is up to 98% water. 

Why don't you add it? In this way you save money, plastic and avoid the CO2 of transporting liters and liters of water.

At Neletab, this is just what we do. 

Our tablets dissolve in water and create an equally effective cleanser that conventional products.

Good products for your home, for yours and for the planet.


Same effectiveness as your regular cleanser


Less plastics and CO2 emissions


Natural and effective ingredients

Subscription Advantages 


Less than € 1,4 per dose

Cheaper than a conventional product and also good for the planet 


Free Flexible Shipping

Pay only for what you buy and choose how often you want to receive the product.


Cancel whenever you want

If you no longer want to continue receiving products. You just have to click to cancel it.

Can I cancel the subscription whenever I want?

Of course! We do not have minimum periods.

When you subscribe an account will be created for you in Neletab. And from there you can cancel or modify your subscription.

It's immediate and super easy!

How often will I receive the products?

You can choose that. It can be every one, two or three months.

We recommend every two months. But don't worry you can modify it whenever you want.

What happens if I have not used the product and receive another?

We have thought about that and you don't have to worry.

If you receive another product when you still have the previous one, you can change the shipping frequency and go from one month to two months, for example.

I want to add or remove products, how do I do it?

That is easy. Login to your Neletab account and modify the products you want to receive.

How many tablets will I receive?

You can choose the number of tablets you want. 

3, 6 or 9 units

Choose the product you want to subscribe to