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Glaciers that uncover history and new discoveries from the animal kingdom
Week 47 Summary

We talk about self-consumption, legislative advances on the Mar Menor, and the solar rain of December of this year
Week 46 Summary

Elephants and giraffes are increasing, and we are taking a (very small) step to slow global warming  
Week 45 Summary

We talk about climate justice, our ally nature, and the next (more sustainable) stage of homo sapiens
Week 44 Summary

We talk about the consequences of the volcano and the importance of wetlands
Week 43 Summary

We review the lies of recycling and highlight the importance of the oceans
Week 42 Summary

Waste transformed into biofuels, metals that capture CO2 and glaciers that will soon disappear
Week 41 Summary

Crows that do funerals, Jane Goodall's plantation project and we denounce the theft of water in Spain
Week 40 Summary

Ndakasi leaves us, we turn wheat into paper, and use tree roots to purify water
Week 39 Summary