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very practical

Multi-Surface Reusable Bottle

Reusable Anti-Scale Bath Bottle

Multi-Surface Reusable Bottle

Reusable Glass Cleaner Bottle

Clean floors

Very happy, it leaves my parquet super clean, and I only need one pass, and it works for all floors

Washing Detergent Sheets

I've been using it for a week and so far, I like the result

It cleans very well and the smell is super nice

Multi-Surface Reusable Bottle

no hitch

Great for hard floors - marble in my case. Does not leave veils or traces when dry.

I have been using neletab for a short time. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I always bet on the ecological and in neletab I find what I ask for from a cleaning product, it is effective, surfaces, glass and others are easily cleaned and it helps me in my purpose of caring for the environment.
In my first order I had a problem, I called and it was incredible how quickly they solved the mishap, which left me quite calm because I saw that it was a serious company as well as how friendly they were.
Yesterday I received my second order, no problem, they are quite fast in the deliveries.
I recommend it one hundred percent

Multi-Surface Reusable Bottle

Very good

I love the fragrance and the shine that remains. super satisfied

I like it

I love it, it is very comfortable to use, I like the way the clothes look and on top of that it is ecological


Very good


Irresistible and ecological smell. A 10.

Multi-Surface Reusable Bottle

It works super well!

If the product is prepared as specified by the brand, the bottle does not leak. I like that it's not plastic.

I like it a lot and on top of that it is ecological which is very important

Reusable Anti-Scale Bath Bottle

Very good against lime

I love it, it's great against limescale on the shower screen.
I would appreciate if it had some fragrance.

Good product

I like it

I wanted to try it to see if it cleaned well, if it smelled good and if it worked out "on account" and I loved it because it exceeded my expectations. I have repurchased several and will continue to do so. The planet will thank me ;)

Sheet Floor Cleaner
Maria E.M.P.

"Although I mistrusted it at the beginning, I am delighted! It leaves everything clean and the best thing is there are no containers, and less impact!!! Congratulations NELETAB TEAM!!