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We talk about global warming, the presence of plastic in our environments and the largest floating solar park in Europe
Week 20 Summary

The Investment of the World Forestry Congress, Migratory Bird Day, doubts about recycling and "edible" forests
Week 19 Summary

Plastics conquer the summits, sea currents accelerate, the preservation of the Amazon is considered and discussed...
Week 18 Summary

We celebrate Earth Day, and we talk about the new standards for sustainable products, the celebration of Bioparc Fuengirola...
Week 17 Summary

We talked about the first whales of the season, the bacteria that eat methane, the emergency plan to save reefs...
Week 16 Summary

We talk about climate change, the 5.500 new RNA viruses and the diversity of the Amazon
Week 15 Summary

We talked about the birth of a baby spider monkey, Jane Goodall's birthday, the Provincial Law of Change...
Week 14 Summary

We celebrate the birthday of the oldest turtle in the world, and we talk about the registry of the whales, the Conference...
Week 13 Summary

The record temperature of Antarctica, the Galapagos marine reserve, the UN report on climate change...
Week 12 Summary

We are talking about the alert to save the thousand-year-old tree in the Amazon, CO2 emissions in 2021, the patch...
Week 11 Summary

Germany's energy transition, the new sea protection treaty, the deforestation of the Amazon and the new...
Week 10 Summary

This week there is no good news. Today, we bring you an environmentalist perspective on the terrible conflict we are experiencing
Week 9 Summary

The oldest environmental festival, the octopus that took refuge in a glass, the worms that degrade plastic and the...
Week 8 Summary

We talk about ecofriendly Valentine's Day, butterflies as health biomarkers, the Brussels project and ocean pollution
Week 7 Summary

We talk about the global agreement on plastics, permafrost, the Bonanza lagoons and the Larsen B platform in Antarctica
Week 6 Summary

The Galapagos marine reserve grows, new national parks are created, and the improvement of the management of the...
Week 5 Summary

We talk about climate change and the challenges it brings for this 2022
Week 4 Summary