Week 41 Summary

Waste transformed into biofuels, metals that capture CO2 and glaciers that will soon disappear

Biofuel from waste from the agri-food industry

3.000 tons of bio-waste is enough to supply 50 vehicles, which already circulate in the municipality of Salamanca ...

The last African glaciers will disappear by 2040, warns the UN

The climate crisis puts Africa in a situation of “disproportionate vulnerability” ...

The EC opens a public consultation to review animal welfare standards
The European Commission (EC) opened this Friday a public consultation for the revision of the animal welfare legislation ...

A metal that captures CO2 and recycles it

A global collaboration has demonstrated how liquid gallium can be used to achieve the important goal of zero net carbon emissions ...

They prepare the rescue of the four dogs trapped by the lava of the volcano in La Palma

The drones are ready to carry out the rescue of the four dogs trapped by the lava from the volcano on La Palma, an unprecedented rescue ...


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