Week 39 Summary

Ndakasi leaves us, we turn wheat into paper, and use tree roots to purify water

Vegetable fibers that become tissue paper: Wheat straw pulp

Every time we have more opportunities not to waste numerous raw materials that are generated in our environment. This is the case of vegetable fibers obtained from plants.

Ndakasi, the “selfie gorilla”, dies in the Congolese Virunga park

Ndakasi, a gorilla who became famous in 2019 by posing in a "selfie" with another primate and a ranger, has died at age 14 from illness in Virunga National Park, the oldest in Africa.

The rise of environmental misinformation

Awareness of the importance of some of the environmental issues that shape our future depends on the way in which terms such as the climate crisis are transmitted and disseminated.

Natural treatment plant that uses tree roots to clean the water

A natural treatment plant that uses tree roots to clean the water, imitating a natural filtering process used in cities since Roman times.