Week 13 Summary

We celebrate the birthday of the oldest turtle in the world, and talk about the whale registry, the Oceans Conference and climate mobilization

Jonathan, the oldest turtle in the world who turned 190

On the remote island of Santa Elena, almost 2.000 kilometers from any coast, lives the giant tortoise Jonathan, who has just turned 190...

During the 2022 Oceans Conference, a 'fleet' of solutions will be chartered

"There is no healthy planet without a healthy ocean," says Peter Thomson, UN special envoy for the oceans.

They ask for renewables and climate mobilization in the face of war and the energy crisis

On World Climate Day, representatives of green parties and social movements claim renewable energies...

Whales keep a record of environmental changes in their baleen

The bristle-like structures that toothless whales like the humpback and southern right whale feed on...